Complete Withdrawal Request

This form is only for students who wish to completely withdraw from the university. If you want to withdraw from a course, but remain a student at the university, do not fill out this form. Instead, please contact your Student Service Advisor at 1.800.800.9776 to process the request.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with their Student Service Advisor prior to submitting the request to completely withdraw. Submitting this form will result in a change of school status, which impacts eligibility to participate in the Title IV Federal Aid Programs.

If you are in campus housing or have a meal plan you must complete the Withdrawal From Housing Request to cancel housing/meal plan. Please contact if you have any questions regarding checkout requirements.

Student ID
Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Email Address
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I wish to withdraw from the university effective today and understand that I will no longer have access to my course(s) beginning tomorrow.  

I wish to withdraw from the university at the end of my current course(s) and understand that after this/these course(s) end, I will no longer be a student at GCU. 

I have consulted with my Student Services Advisor regarding the financial implications including any indebtedness that will result because of my decision to withdraw. I understand that I am responsible for payment of any balance on my student account.